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Dow Down Another 450 Points
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 Are you perplexed by the ins and outs of the market?  Have you found yourself too often on the losing side of the investment game?  With a little knowledge, you can not only survive but also THRIVE in any market. 

YOU can become your own best financial advisor. Written by a retired financial services executive and investment strategist, this 68-page ebook is FULL of information about investing. . . ETF trading, marketing timing, wealth building and personal finance.  

This ebook is completely free and available for download.  There is NO CATCH and you will not be asked to give your email.  If you find the information valuable, just pass it along to at least 10 friends or family members.  Or, mention it on Twitter or Facebook so that others will also benefit from improved financial understanding.

The ebook covers a variety of topics and could sell for quite a bit of money.  So, get your copy NOW while it is available with no strings attached.  Just look at the topics covered:


page 5 – Author Bio

page 6 – Quality of Life Investing

page 9 – What Is Financial Freedom?

page 11 – How to Use this Book

page 13 – What You Will Learn

page 17 – Active Money Management & Market Timing

page 18 - Buy and Hold?

page 19 – Game Plan for Active Money Management

  page 24 – Timing Resources

page 27 – Investment Vehicles – ETF Trading

page 30 – Additional Investing Resources

page 33 – Truly Passive Income

page 34 – Wealth Accumulation Vehicles

page 36 – “Supercharge” Your Retirement Account

page 38 – Things You Didn’t Know About Your Retirement Account

page 39 – “Supercharging” Resources

page 42 – Artificial Intelligence

page 44 – The Top Ten Strategies Every Investor Must Know

 page 48 – Entrepreneur Strategy Using Retirement Plan Monies

 page 49 – Money Saving Strategy

 page 51 – Multi Income Technologies

page 52 – Real Estate

page 58 – Sources for Money to Start a Business

page 60 – Amazing Tax Shelter

page 62 – Wealth and Life Building Information

page 64 – Infinite Banking Concepts

page 65 – Forex Robots/Virtual Host

page 66 – Commodities

page 66 – A Gem

Don’t let a lack of knowledge keep you from taking control of your financial future.  Get your copy of    Your Virtual Financial Advisor   today just right click and hit Save As.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and personal wealth to gain! Click HERE.

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20 JanBeMarketSmart.com

Time The Market

Subject: Complimentary Trend Analysis For Stock, Futures, And Forex

Welcome Investor,

The markets have been crazy lately. It’s hard to believe the DOW was over 14,000 at one point, but now it’s dropping hard and fast! But how are we able to tell which direction the market is going?

Update to Jan 09
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Substantial moves like the ones that we have recently witnessed present opportunities to succeed or fail in the markets. Traders who stayed on the correct side of the trend were rewarded substantially.

Serious questions effecting your portfolio still remain:

- Have we seen the Indexes bottom or top?
- Is a reversal in the near future?
- Is it too late to go short?

Stay on the correct side of the market. Let our Trade Triangle technology work for you. It’s free, It’s informative, It’s on the money.

FREE INSTANT ANALYSIS delivered to your email inbox. Analyze ANY Stock, Futures, or Forex symbol.  CLICK HERE.

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Free Access....investing videos, training resources, and recent market forecasts.

04 JunVet In Salida Colorado

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Free Access....investing videos, training resources, and recent market forecasts.

08 AprWinners to be Announced at the 4th Annual Global ETF

Winners to be Announced at the 4th Annual Global ETF® Awards Dinner & Workshop April 17, 2008, in New York City, Hyatt, New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 12, 2008

Exchangetradedfunds.com, a US-based information website, will be announcing the winners of the 2008 Global ETF® Awards following a half-day Workshop on April 17, 2008.

The event begins in the afternoon with the Workshop, which will feature two distinct sessions — the “Investors Discussion Forum” and the “Industry Discussion Forum”. Each forum is designed to educate and to facilitate discussions on issues ranging from trading strategies for investors to new product developments and global regulatory challenges. Speakers from the European, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Latin American marketplace will be sharing their experiences using ETFs and ETNs in their respective markets.

The Workshop concludes with a cocktail reception that will be held before the Awards dinner.

About the Global Awards; The 4th Global ETF Awards® recognizes achievements in the ETF Industry. The winners were selected from over 400 voting forms sent to ETF industry entities worldwide and tabulation of statistical information. The exciting evening includes award presentations in 18 categories including Greatest Contribution to the ETF Industry, Most Innovative ETF , Most Proactive Exchange for ETF Derivatives, Largest Growth of Assets under Management among other categories.

The lead sponsors of the Global ETF Awards Dinner® and Workshop is the Bank of New York Mellon Asset Services. Other sponsor firms include Deutsche Bank , Flowtraders, X-SHARES, American Stock Exchange, Bear Sterns, Coast Investment and Development, Deutsche Börse, Dow Jones, Finans Portfoy, FTSE, Invesco Powershares, MarcoPolo, NASDAQOMX, Spa ETFs, State Street Global Advisors, and Standard & Poor’s.

Speakers include: Thorsten Michalik, Head of db x-trackers, Deutsche Bank ETFs, David M. Blitzer, Managing Director & Chairman of the Index Committee, Standard and Poors., Deborah Fuhr, Managing Director, Investment Strategies, Morgan Stanley Dr. Hartmut Graf, Director/Head of Issuer Data & Analytics, Deutsche Borse AG, Ozgur Guneri, Fund Board Director, Dow Jones Istanbul 20 ETF, Matthew T. Moran, Vice President, Business Development, Chicago Board of Options Exchange , Richard Keary, Managing Director, NASDAQ OMX, Kathleen Moriarty, Partner, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP, Silvio Samuel, Product Specialist – Superintendência de Serviços a Clientes, Banco Itau S.A., Robert Tull, Managing Director, Macro Market LLC ,John Li, Chief International Business Officer, China Asset Management ,Sanjiv Shah, Executive Director, Benchmark Asset Management CO PVT. LTD, Pietro Poletto, Head of ETF Securitised Derivatives, LSE Group, Sulaiman T.Al-Abduljader , Vice President, Corporate Finance & Investment Services Group, Coast Investment and Development, Mauricio Iracheta Cabal, Senior Financial Analyst, Nacional Financiera among others.

Some of last years winners included Barclays Global Investor for Greatest Contribution in Emerging Markets ETF, PowerShares FTSE RAFI US 1000 for most innovative ETF (Americas), Deutsche Bőrse for Most Proactive Exchange (Europe), Lyxor for Strongest Brand Image (Europe), Deborah Fuhr for the Greatest Overall Contribution in the ETF Industry, 2005 STOXX for Most Innovative ETF Index provider (Europe) among others.


Registration & Program Copy:    

The ONE at info@the-o-n-e.com or call, 1 973-895-0010.

or visit http://www.exchangetradedfunds.com

Media Attendance & Press Inquiry:     

Arlene Reyes, at acreyes@exchangetradedfunds.com or by phone at 212.924.9475

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