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page 18 - Buy and Hold?

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page 30 – Additional Investing Resources

page 33 – Truly Passive Income

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page 38 – Things You Didn’t Know About Your Retirement Account

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page 42 – Artificial Intelligence

page 44 – The Top Ten Strategies Every Investor Must Know

 page 48 – Entrepreneur Strategy Using Retirement Plan Monies

 page 49 – Money Saving Strategy

 page 51 – Multi Income Technologies

page 52 – Real Estate

page 58 – Sources for Money to Start a Business

page 60 – Amazing Tax Shelter

page 62 – Wealth and Life Building Information

page 64 – Infinite Banking Concepts

page 65 – Forex Robots/Virtual Host

page 66 – Commodities

page 66 – A Gem

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Free Access....investing videos, training resources, and recent market forecasts.

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20 FebYour questions about time and date

Lisa asks…

How can I find the date and time of a Mozilla Firefox history item?

This is easy in Internet Explorer – Ctrl+H to bring up the history panel, then right click on the item and select “Properties”. Firefox obviously has time/date information since the history items can be ordered by date. But how can this information be accessed?

admin answers:

I am surprised its not the same as from what I understand firefox works in almost the identical way.

Michael asks…

How can I stop the time/date appearing on my prints from my digital camera?

I bought a basic, compact digital camera (non-SLR). It works well, except that when I have the photos developed, every print has on it the time and date on which the photos were taken.
I have looked through the instruction manual, but cannot find any information on how to stop the time and date appearing on the prints. All I can find are the instructions for altering the time/date, so that they are correct.
Has anybody with the same camera as mine found a way to eliminate the time/date stamp? If I can’t eliminate them from the camera, could a photo-processing company erase this information, so that the prints don’t show them?
My camera is a “Premier” brand, and the model number is
If someone could help with this I would be VERY happy. Thanks”

admin answers:

Somewhere in your camera settings there should be an option to turn the time stamp on and off. I don’t know this brand of cameras, so I can’t tell you how. I really wish I could help. sorry. I can’t find a manual online either so I can’t help from that either.

Nancy asks…

What time and date are the twilight characters coming to the galleria?


admin answers:

thats impossible because kristen stweart is tied up in my attic…..

Charles asks…

How to get time/date in bottom right corner of computer monitor?

I just got a new computer for work, and on all my old computers the current time and date were displayed in the bottom tool bar on the far right in windows.

The new computer does not have the time/date in the bottom right hand corner, and I really miss it.

How can I put the time and date there so it is visible at all times?

admin answers:

right click on the toolbar and go to properties. the “show clock” checkbox should be around there, depending on what ver. windows you have.

Donna asks…

How do you enable yourself to change the time and date on windows?

So, I’m an administrator on my computer, but when I try to change the time/date it states that I don’t have the proper privilege or something like that. I’m not the main admin on the computer so I’m assuming that they just took away that privilege from my account. Is there anyway to change it so I can? I’m on the main admin account right now.


admin answers:

If you are updating the clock via internet, or by hand, so to speak, you get
an OK or Cancel button in the secondary windows. The main window Apply
button won’t “un-gray”. It only “un-grays” if you make changes directly in
the main window, like show more clocks, or un-check “Remind me one week
before this change occurs”, etc.

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Free Access....investing videos, training resources, and recent market forecasts.