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page 18 - Buy and Hold?

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page 30 – Additional Investing Resources

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page 44 – The Top Ten Strategies Every Investor Must Know

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 page 49 – Money Saving Strategy

 page 51 – Multi Income Technologies

page 52 – Real Estate

page 58 – Sources for Money to Start a Business

page 60 – Amazing Tax Shelter

page 62 – Wealth and Life Building Information

page 64 – Infinite Banking Concepts

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page 66 – Commodities

page 66 – A Gem

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19 JanIs There a Deeper Meaning of Diversification in Stock Investing?

Is There a Deeper Meaning of Diversification in Stock Investing?
By: C.C. Collins

In life each individual determines just what is or is not of value
to us. What we call wealth can be thought of as an abundance of values.
In this context one may not be wealthy even with a great deal of money
due to the lack of nonor, no happiness.

Number of the High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI...
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It can be said that when small efforts produce large results a state of
wealth exits. Poverty, on the other hand, is the product of large efforts
producting small results.

Financial Wealth involves the ownership of multile money producing
assets that flow to you and not money drainig assets that flow from
you. Stock investing is one way to gain ownership of these assets.

One of the most fundamental ways to build wealth is through stock investing. The sooner you start to successfully invest the more opportunity your  investments have to grow. Additional information on money and the stock market can be found a t http://www.bemarketsmart.com

Plot of S&P Composite Real Price-Earnings Rati...
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 Here are four simple things that you must do to build wealh.
 Retire all debts that aren’t income producing
 Curb and Control your spending.
 Create or acquire wealth building assets or income streams
 You need to leverage your time and energy so seek out the knowledge
 you need to do so.
Try and adopt the thinking of seeing “diversification” in an entirely
different light.

Give serious thought of just how you can diversify the following:
 Financial Capital (those stocks, bonds and cash).
 Physical Capital (your home, automobile and other belongings.)
 Human Capital (your job and career), 
 In their entirity all of these elements should work together.
If diversifying does indeed offer protection then the point of this
article is that you can achieve greater protection through diversifying
more than financial assets alone.

C.C. Collins is a retired former registered investment advisor and
owner of  http://www.bemarketsmart.com.  His  latest research reveals this
Stock Investing Secret.

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Free Access....investing videos, training resources, and recent market forecasts.